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We at Shriji Distributors are renowned for offering our clients a vast selection of excellent products. Our company wants to give doctors more tools to perform different treatments accurately. As traders and suppliers, we ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to our esteemed clients. We also stress the need to always provide the appropriate quantity to the customers. We constantly emphasize storing most of the products at our facilities and maintaining a lean supply chain. As a result, our clients receive bulk and urgent orders of X Ray Films, Ultrasound Paper Rolls, X Ray Fixers, Lead Goggles, Lead Gloves, Thyroid Shields, and other products on time.

Our Vendors

Vendors are a crucial component of our company, enabling us to fulfill customer expectations. Being in contact with some of the most well-known figures in the healthcare sector has only helped us gain the trust of our clients and notoriety in the marketplace. Our vendors, from which we purchase our products, provide us with a pricing and quality advantage over all other enterprises operating in the market. In addition, our vendors recognize the value of our supply chain and take steps to ensure that we receive the products we request within the allotted period so that we may forward them appropriately.

Our Team

Our operations are supported by a group of highly skilled employees. Each of these people ensures that our goals are met by the deadline so that we may do business more easily and reach every goal with our products, such as Ultrasound Paper Rolls, Lead Goggles, Thyroid Shields, etc.

Why Pick Us?

We have only recently started doing business in this market. And at this time, thanks to our extensive business and market understanding, we have attained remarkable recognition. We treat each of our customers with the utmost integrity and respect. Besides, we can accommodate the product demands of our customers. The following are some other characteristics that we have solely upheld for the satisfaction of our esteemed clients:

  • Simple payment methods
  • Moral business conduct
  • Transporting products safely
  • Affordable costs
  • Superior product line
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